Letters to the Editor

High-speed rail: Letters to the editor, March 9, 2019


Enjoy the nearly high-speed ride

There is a silver lining to Gov. Newsom’s scaling down of high speed rail. The Altamont Commuter Express provides service between San Jose and Stockton, and is studying an extension to Merced. ACE’s website includes a webpage about the extension.

In that webpage, it is stated that ACE will work with the city of Merced to build a station where riders can transfer to and from high speed rail. When the ACE extension is completed and HSR is built from Bakersfield to Merced, according to Newsom’s plans, there will be potential to travel from the San Joaquin Valley to Silicon Valley without getting into a car or bus.

It won’t be as fast as a ride on a complete HSR system would have been, but it’ll be faster than our current public transportation options.

Let’s just look at this as greater connectivity to the Bay Area, one step at a time. It’ll work out, one way or the other. We may not know exactly how the journey will end up, but let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Jimmy Bronson, Clovis

American reality: Sad and small

The high speed rail project has put on the brakes by our new governor. The promise of a better more prosperous Central Valley has been also put on hold. All the partisan, not-in-my-backyard types have won.

This country and state no longer thinks of big ideas or accomplishes much. No new infrastructure projects in the last 30 years, let alone the necessary maintenance of the out-of-date infrastructure in most of the country.

My generation (baby boomers) are leaving the country worse off after our leadership. Wages and wealth for people who make less than $75,000 have been stagnant for decades. Governments stack up massive debt rather than ask (tell) citizens to pay for the genuine needs of our nation, making future generations pay for our responsibilities.

Europeans have better chances of upward mobility than Americans. Greed and selfishness dominate our society and economy. Partisan meanness is becoming socially acceptable for some. We are no longer the people and nation that built the trans-continental railroad, the Panama Canal, The Hoover Dam, the Interstate Highway system. We can not even build a railroad from San Fransisco to Los Angles. This is the American reality, sad and small.

Mike Enos, Fresno

Most in prison are whites, not Hispanics

In these times it seems to be popular to talk about how immigrants are criminals. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in their last statistics updated on Nov. 24, the highest percentage of inmates according to their race are whites with 58.2 percent.

Most of the immigrants come from countries where most people suffer from lack of human rights, insecurity, poverty and marginalization. They come hoping to change their luck in a country where dreams come true if you work hard. The danger is minimal; in every society there is always a rotten apple, but for this rotten apple you will not burn the whole orchard.

That’s why spending millions of dollars in detention centers is useless when this money could be used in things like education, science, roads,wildlife and so on. Let’s be tolerant and educate ourselves a little more, because racism is ill-founded by ignorance; racism is learned, because no one born being racist.

Clyo M Colin, Selma

Just looking for a happy Dem

What is truly problematic today, is the question: Has anybody seen a “happy and easygoing” Democrat today?

Jim Henry, Fresno