Letters to the Editor

Immigrants, guns, crime: Letters to the editor, Feb. 9, 2019

Handguns and assault pistols, some with high-capacity magazines outlawed in California, were displayed by Fresno police following sweeps of reputed gang members.
Handguns and assault pistols, some with high-capacity magazines outlawed in California, were displayed by Fresno police following sweeps of reputed gang members. Fresno Bee file

Blame immigrants, or guns, for crime?

Jeff Davis of Clovis in his Jan. 18 letter continues to perpetuate the Trump-inspired demonizing of immigrants by associating them all with an undocumented man who shot and killed a police officer in another state.

These instances are of course tragic, but it is interesting to note that people like Davis are silent on the root cause of many of these tragedies.

The proliferation of guns in America is the real issue and NRA activists and Second Amendment zealots continue to genuflect at the feet of politicians who pander to that segment’s misguided proclivities.

Where was the outrage by Mr. Davis when police officer Natalie Corona was shot and killed by a man, whose last name was ironically Limbaugh, in Northern California ?

Limbaugh had an AR-15 confiscated prior to the murder and two unregistered handguns were found in his home.

Interestingly enough, the family of the slain officer Corona had roots in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

The family epitomized what is found in many immigrant families, specifically a penchant for public service, loyalty to country, hard work and a belief in law and order.

The statistic that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate is incontrovertible.

Hector Torres, Clovis

Time to put a stop to tantrums

Parents (Congress), take charge!

The tantrum: Trump needs a timeout; invoke the 25th Amendment.

David Van Pelt, Firebaugh

Our political parties are childish

OK children, enough is enough! We have two political parties that have lost their right to lead. How much longer will they act like spoiled kids instead of compromising, a key element of a democracy and one the framers of the constitution knew well. It is obvious neither party cares about the impact their childish behavior is having on the federal employees, the economy or anyone else for that matter.

The time has come for a new political party that leads with honesty and will make decisions based on what is best for the country, rather than what is best for themselves and their party. Gang politics must end. If a new party is not achievable, I encourage everyone with any concern for this country to drop their affiliation as a Republican or Democrat and register as “No Party Preference.” That may be the only way the juvenile delinquents get the message.

Robert Longatti, O’Neals

Learning to play by the rules

Even if a wall were a reasonable use of $30 billion for border protection, would it be OK for the president to say, “If you don’t give me what I want, I am shutting down the government?”

Say your kid has a friend over to play a game. The friend wants to play by the rules, but your kid wants to play by his own rules, and when the friend doesn’t go along, leaves him/her sitting in the living room and goes to his room to play alone. Maybe you’d say to your kid something like, “This is not OK, you’re being a bully. Go back and play by the rules.”

What if your kid then started a fire in the trash can in his room, because he felt angry and shamed and wanted to create a distraction? But the fire got out of control and began burning the curtains and the wall; the fire department had to be called.

Your kid then claimed his friend had started the fire. Maybe you would have to consider that your kid had more than just a “does not play well with others” issue. Maybe you’d realize he might need some help.

Rita Townsend, Fresno