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Best Bulldogs team? Letters to the editor, Jan. 13, 2019

Fresno State quarterback Marcus McMaryion, center, runs against San Jose State during a November game.
Fresno State quarterback Marcus McMaryion, center, runs against San Jose State during a November game. Fresno Bee file

Best Bulldogs team ever? Possibly yes

Was this the best Fresno State Bulldogsfootball team in history? Could be, but that takes a lot of doing.

When you put Marcus McMaryion up against Kevin Sweeney, Trent Dilfer, David Carr and Derek Carr, does he pass muster? My answer is yes. Marcus isn’t flashy, but he can run an offense as well as any quarterback out there.. He has instinctive athletic ability and leadership skills that simply can’t be taught.

I believe this was the best Fresno State defense in the history of the program. Certainly one of the best in the nation.

Everybody knows the Jeff Tedford story; no need to repeat it here.

This team is not going to have a lot of NFL recruits. But when it comes to pure heart, Bulldog pride, and showing the nation what you’re made of, my answer is yes. In tandem with the Boise State win, this is the best Bulldogs team in history.

Enjoy this one, ‘Dogs fans. These times may never come again.

Eric Luttrell, Fresno

A walk, a wave, a changed life

My husband, Bill Dunn, passed away recently. He was an avid contributor to The Bee and asked that I write a final letter. This is a letter of gratitude and a reminder that simple acts of kindness can change lives.

Bill was grateful to all the caring doctors and nurses who cared for him during his battle with pancreatic cancer: his primary doctors, the staff at cCare and Stanford Medical Center, and doctors, nurses, aides, chaplains and social workers at Hinds Hospice.

Over the years, Bill has been grateful that the owners of The Fresno Bee have continued to print and deliver the paper. After retirement, as he walked our dog early in the morning, he would move papers from driveways to porches. This simple act of kindness led to visiting with folks as he walked, and they became not just a neighbor you wave at, but a friend you can reach out to in need.

As he continued to walk, when he could, he shared his concern about leaving his family. The neighbors, in turn, have reached out to me to offer condolences and assistance. So reach out, show kindness, be grateful for little things — change some lives one step at a time!

Angela Dunn, Fresno

Keep wary eye on stock portfolio

I remember many of my companies’ senior sales reps throughout the 2000s having to continue working because their 401ks lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in value in the stock market.

The late ‘90s had big financial losses to many as well when the tech stocks plummeted. My dad avoided the late ‘90s hit by going conservative in his risk. He saw the volatility, and adjusted.

Well, it’s volatile time again my fellow 401kers. Protect what you have worked so hard for during chaotic stock market times. Check your plan from the start of the year till now. Like my dad says, “I’d rather risk gaining/losing 2 percent than 22 percent of my career savings when the Dow Jones is unstable.” You can always adjust back to more risk when the markets stabilize.

Steve Carr, Fresno

Life lesson in perseverance

We moved to Fresno in the ‘80s. We lived in a Chevy, in a vacant lot I rented for $100 a month. The ulcers on both legs were bad, but I would never give up. I applied and received Social Security and I think it saved my life. Then one day I found a house that nobody wanted, and we got a mortgage — you know, when anybody who could fog a glass could get approved. We scrimped and saved. I bought $100 cars and made them run for years and the wife fed us on next to nothing. We went to bed hungry more then once and wore thrift store clothes. The years went by. We have the house paid off now.

So always remember, never give up hope. With God’s help all things are possible. Not unbelievable enough, my house is on a corner on a double lot. That’s right, double impossible!

Jim Francher, Fresno