Letters to the Editor

Quest for better life: Letters to the editor, Jan. 11, 2019

Often the public stops by to hand out meals to the migrants temporarily sheltered at El Barretal migrant shelter in east Tijuana.
Often the public stops by to hand out meals to the migrants temporarily sheltered at El Barretal migrant shelter in east Tijuana. San Diego Union-Tribune

The quest for better life in U.S.

It appears some Latin countries are facing a critical state crisis. Their citizens are leaving in great numbers and heading for the U.S. Why?

Research shows: In Latin America, three countries called the northern triangle countries — El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras — are plagued with drugs and gang violence. Killings are the norm in these countries. The spiral of poverty and malnutrition is an ongoing daily event. The needs and living conditions of the citizens of these countries go unnoticed by their governments. They look the other way, like it doesn’t exist. The dreams of the people are never fulfilled.

When you have weak, unstable governments with weak progressive laws and self-made constitutions, it brings chaos, destruction and the end to any country. The citizens of these Latin triangle countries are poor and do not have wealth or means. They depend and rely on their governments to provide for all their vital needs. It never materializes.

These governments also lack industrial and manufacturing resources. Their weak economies are a bad omen. Their regional problems are so deep and so endemic they cannot be fixed in a year or two. That’s why you see migrant caravans entrenching our borders.

Manuel Madrid, Reedley

Great job by DMV staff in this visit

I have read a lot lately about the DMV and the problems with service and long waiting times. I recently had to go to the DMV and chose the office at Sierra and Blackstone in Fresno. I was served within minutes of my arrival and, after completing the necessary paperwork I had to do, I was given a number and did have to wait to proceed with the remainder of my business. I did not have an appointment and that wait was about 45 minutes, which I did not feel was excessive

I had contact with several of the employees and every one of them was very friendly and courteous.

I just want to give a thumbs up to the DMV office at Sierra and Blackstone.

Evelyn Lokey, Fresno

Helpers were clutch for driver

“Thank you” to three Good Samaritans!

On Friday afternoon, Dec. 7, shortly before one o’clock, I had just exited Freeway 41 and was driving east on Herndon Ave. to a doctor’s appointment. At the traffic light, my pickup truck’s gears would not engage. I signaled to the car behind me that I had a problem. As I got out to push my truck, a young lady in the car behind me had put on her blinker lights and offered to help. A young man behind her exited his car and started to help me push.

The young lady returned to her car and angled it to the right to clear a lane. Most vehicles in the far right lane gave us room; a few did not, but we prevailed. As the young man and I were pushing my truck to Fresno Street, a man parked his Mercedes by the curb, and, in coat and tie, got out to help push my truck onto a side street. In the hurry and haste of the moment, I thanked all three of these Good Samaritans as their assistance quickly solved my dilemma.

My truck’s clutch had failed badly and it has been repaired. In the stress of the Christmas season, I was blessed to have three great human beings literally come through in the clutch when mine failed. I thank those who raised them to such superb results.

Woody Wilk, Fresno

Proposed trade to get border wall

I think a great trade-off between the Donald Trump and the Democrats would be to agree not to run for re-election if Trump is given the money to build the wall that we all want to protect our borders from the scum bags, drug cartels, and other criminals coming into our country.

Then the Democrats can continue the march to further prostituting our once brilliant document called the United States Constitution and move us more rapidly to “socialism” and limited property ownership and control of the income levels that they think we need to live on, no matter how hard we work. Go for it Nance and Chuck, you win and I dare to say it.

Mike Der Manouel, Sr., Fresno