Letters to the Editor

Delta water tunnels: Letters to the editor, Jan. 8, 2019

Aerial photos of the region to be affected by the Delta water tunnels and intakes near Walnut Grove on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.
Aerial photos of the region to be affected by the Delta water tunnels and intakes near Walnut Grove on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Fresno Bee file

Delta tunnels not really needed

When water is flowing into the Delta during the March and April snow melt, the San Joaquin River sodium concentration is 1.5 meq/liter at Vernalis. That is not brakish. The rest of 2018, according to U.S. Geologic Survey data, the sodium concentration is 17 meq/liter at the pumps. If fresh San Joaquin River water flows were increased to 600 cu.ft./sec from their miserable 400 cu.ft.sec rate at Friant Dam, and less water (bound for the San Joaquin) were sucked from the Merced, Tuolume, and Stanislas Rivers, the Banks and Jones pumps would be better “fed” with fresher water. More fresh water is already available.

Gov. Brown’s tunnels are an unnecessary expense.

Anthony H. Horan, Fresno

Speeders in Mayfair are a real danger

I want to address the problem that my neighborhood has with speeding vehicles. I live in the Mayfair district on Weldon Ave. Many of my neighbors do not let their children play outside in the front yard anymore because they are afraid how fast these cars drive and their children possibly getting ran over. This is a huge issue because someone could get hurt.

Two incidents involved speeding. One incident involved my dog. I had let him out to do his business in the morning when he decided to chase a squirrel across the street. This car came speeding and struck my dog, throwing him in the air. Sadly, my dog passed away because of the impact. Another incident that occur involved a highway patrol officer. The officer was on the scene of a crash that happened in front of my house. The officer was about to walk across the road when this car drove up fast. The driver ended up getting cited.

I strongly suggest something should be done about this problem, like having speed bumps to slow down speeding vehicles. We just want to have our roads safe, especially for the children.

Monica Mia Hernandez, Fresno

Ignoring reason for threats

Student threatens school, claims it’s a joke; another student threatens graduation ceremony as a cry for help. Student is arrested, claims he asked for help from school councilor, who did nothing, not even telling parents!

The student crying for help is autistic and depressed. The Fresno DA goes after the student and ignores the failure of school district, which has history of not funding special-needs students!

What is wrong with this picture?

The Fresno Bee reported everything I have said; sure, there is more to the story, but something stinks here!

The school district should be investigated, the student should be helped.

Now if I’m wrong and my info is incorrect, I’m thinking The Bee ( I read it all in the paper) should update me and prove me wrong; the way I understand this story, it just ain’t right in America!

Don’t say it’s not the gun, it’s mental health, if we ignore mental health care. Wake up America!

Dana Bobbitt, Fresno

Political ambition has a price

Look, I get ambition. There is nothing wrong with being driven and wanting to improve your lot in life. Admirable. I wish I had had more when I was younger.

But when you’re a politician, irrespective of party affiliation, and your ambition leads you to seek higher office before your current term is up, is it fair, or even moral to dump the expense of a special election to replace you on the taxpayers you claim to care about?

How about going to the deep-pocket donors who support you, and ask them to pay the cost for your ambition?

As you climb the political ladder, go back to them often and ask them to pay for the special elections left in your wake.

Soon, like us, they will tire of paying for your self-interest.

Jim Doyle, Fresno