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Global warming and mosquitoes | Letters to the editor, Nov. 28, 2018

Reducing global warming can help lessen the extent of pests like mosquitoes.
Reducing global warming can help lessen the extent of pests like mosquitoes. Fresno Bee file

Lessen climate change, swat a mosquito

I bet I’m not the only one glad that Fresno County’s experiment to release sterile male mosquitoes temporarily reduced the numbers of biting females around here. With the longer, hotter summers in the Valley, we can expect more of these nasty Zika and West Nile carriers.

But this program is not enough in the long-term, especially with the way that insects mutate and proliferate. We all know to clean up standing water where they breed. But Congress can actually help stop the warming, along with our worse fires, storms and air pollution.

Some courageous Republicans are joining forces with Democrats. They are starting to consider laws that would encourage a transition to practices that will stop the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. One proposal is to put a gradually rising fee on coal, oil and gas where it is produced. The fee would go to American households as a dividend. You can look up the REMI study and see how this would also create more good-paying jobs, and clean up our air and water. Hopefully we won’t have to save up for high tech mosquito repellants!

Andrea Farber De Zubiria, Fresno

Fix immigration, but do it the right way

Maybe our country should enact a moratorium on immigration for a couple years. This would give us the time to fix this bloated system. Why add more problems on top of the ones that need to be fixed?

How much more should our country stand with stretching our budgets and our government? The laws and rules have not been addressed in a long time. A complete, updated version should be implemented as soon as possible. Or is this another delay in a long list government failures? Get your act together, and prove to us you can fix anything you put your minds to.

Just to let your readers know, I am not against immigration. There is a right way to mend this system. Let’s see if it can be done.

Ann L. Frye, Clovis

Storm damage and existing conditions

I hope the bridges, roads, houses, and buildings recently damaged by storms in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas did not have any” pre-existing conditions.” It would be a shame if these “bodies” were denied repair by insurance companies or our government for such a “reason.”

Mike Petrovich, Fresno

Build peace, disarm hate by example

We are going through difficult times in this nation. Hate and gun violence are on the rise. Ultra-conservative ideology propagated by extremist groups has contributed to intolerance, violence, and hate. The horrific tragedy in Pittsburgh is reminiscent of some previous fatal shootings at houses of worship in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas and has shaken all of us. It is the result of a climate of intolerance and extremism.

My heart goes out to those innocent souls and their loved ones that are all victims of this senseless violence. The violence taking place at a house of worship is an alarming trend, as it disturbs both personal and community peace. It is a desecration of a sacred place where people go to worship and seek guidance and inner peace. Will armed guards at the houses worship solve the problem? I doubt it very much.

Let us disarm hate by personal example and by community peace-building efforts.

Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor, Fresno