Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh case | Letters to the editor, Nov. 26, 2018

Wants different news source

I read your article on Delta water rules. You state that the president is “aiming to increase water deliveries to his political allies in the San Joaquin Valley.” Really? Don’t we all benefit from increased water deliveries? Don’t we all need a more reliable water delivery system? Your alliance with the Democratic Party is all too obvious. It’s actually disgusting. I wish there were an alternative to the Fresno Bee!

Dennis Schmierer, Fresno

Caravan a human, political crisis

I want to address the migrant caravan situation. We have a serious problem. From my reading of the situation, the caravan might have been set up by leftist forces.

But the why really doesn’t matter. We should take care of a humanitarian crisis a great as we might have had since the Great Depression, or at least the problems in the Ozarks today. We might need to help people without them entering our country proper. Something like Ellis Island; a place to help people in need of health and nutrition care, then decide either send them to other places or allow them into America..

Yes, some might be dangers to the country. In fact, I would believe some of them are using the migrant crisis to infiltrate to harm us.

Yes, there is a genuine humanitarian migrant crisis. And might be a terrorist problem. And both wings of the political scene are using the crisis. Both, make no mistake.

Messianic Rabbi Adam J. Bernay, Fresno

Kavanaugh case an epic battle

Wow! Two blistering letters on the same day full of righteous indignation about Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. The first writer states that Harvard has already cut its ties with the judge and that Kavanaugh will be an outcast and a pariah, subject to scorn and contempt. Another writer states that Kavanaugh supporters don’t care about women and the truth.

That reminds me of a news story about Edward Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. I would like to juxtapose the two incidents, but the 200 word limit won’t accommodate that.

Kennedy served as senator for almost 47 years, beginning in November of 1962 until his death in 2009. The incident at Chappaquiddick happened in 1969. According to news reports his “friend’” Mary Jo Kopechne was in the car when the senator drove off the bridge and the car sank. The fact that he waited for about nine hours to report the accident was not enough to engender scorn or contempt from the liberal voters of Massachusetts.

The appointment of Judge Kavanaugh was just and fair in a emotionally charged circus with shades of Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Anita Hill, and the entire girl’s Olympic team. This was an epic battle.

Ted Messerlian, Fresno

Guilt not proven in Kavanaugh

In the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearings, I notice that so many people still insist he was guilty from the start. These same people would, of course, be the first to scream innocent until proven guilty if they were charged with a sexual assault or similar crime, but have no hesitation in declaring immediate guilt on others, especially if the accused is of a different political persuasion.

Men sometimes lie about sexual assault, true, but women have also been known to fabricate sexual assault accusations, in order to cover for their own misdeeds, to seek revenge, out of jealousy,\ or from plain spite.

I will never condone or support a man who has been proven guilty of sexual assault, but I equally condemn women who falsely accuse innocent men of sexual transgressions. The Bill of Rights is enshrined in our country for a particular reason, the doctrine of innocence before guilt is a hallmark of our constitutional philosophy, and I have nothing but sorrow and dismay for those who shove it aside for personal or political gain.

Lawrence Parmeter, Fresno