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Nunes vs. Janz | Letters to the editor, Oct. 31, 2018

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, is facing challenger Andrew Janz, a Democrat, in next Tuesday’s election.
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, is facing challenger Andrew Janz, a Democrat, in next Tuesday’s election. Fresno Bee file

Someone in Congress for you

It is time to vote.

One the one hand, we have Andrew Janz. Janz is an accomplished young prosecutor for the Fresno County DA’s office. Andrew was born and raised in Visalia. He is a moderate Democrat. He wants to preserve Social Security and Medicare. He supports reliable water for agriculture and clean drinking water for Valley towns and cities.

On the other hand, we have an eight-term incumbent, Devin Nunes, who has drifted away from his constituents. In 16 years he has produced no legislation of benefit to the 22nd District. Nunes hasn’t met with his constituents in an open meeting since 2010. He has deserted his district to become a sycophantic toady for Donald Trump. He has destroyed the bipartisan nature of the House Intelligence Committee and weakened the FBI in his effort to defend Trump.

Andrew Janz has met with thousands of voters in the 22nd Congressional District. He holds open meetings all over . He has promised to hold at least two town hall meetings a year if elected. Devin Nunes is a ghost in the district. He only meets with deep pocket donors.

Vote for real representation in Congress. Vote for Andrew Janz.

Gordon Fake, Fresno

Record straight on gas tax cost

How does Tom Williams figure (Oct. 10) Prop. 6 calls for keeping the 12 cents per gallon tax on gasoline. Get 10 gals, that’s $1.20. Say you use that much gas every week. 52 weeks per year x $1.20 per week = $62.40 per year, not $600 to $800 as Mr. Williams asserts. That’s a little over $5 per month. And as far as caring for low income folks, Mr. Williams doesn’t seem to realize if you have a car these days, you’re not in the truly low income category. And if you can’t afford a car, you aren’t going much of anywhere if there’s no money to support public transportation. Vote to keep the 12 cents per gallon. And it is deceiving. Check your voters’ manual: a no vote means we keep the $0.12 gas tax. Vote no on Prop. 6. It worries me that some people may vote yes based on the figures erroneously put out by this writer, especially if they vote early and don’t even get to see my rebuttal.

Nancy Waidtlow, Fresno

A rescue that was unnecessary

How nice the firefighters rescued one of our horrible homeless.

Why was it even necessary? Why had that property not been condemned and bulldozed long ago? Sold to a developer and had a higher density apartment structure built on it?

Where is our code enforcement? Doesn’t our fair city own a bulldozer?

This “heroism” is dangerous and should be totally unnecessary. What gives?

Lin Faeth, Fresno

Gas tax cost only in driving big miles

Do the math before you vote. “It will cost the average consumer more than $600 dollars a year” if we don’t repeal the 12 cent gas tax? (Fresno Bee Oct 9, 2018)

At 20 miles per gallon and 12 cents a gallon, that means the “average consumer” is driving 100,000 miles per year? Really? Maybe — if they are doing a twice daily commute to San Francisco.

I realize there will be some additional cost for goods and services for all of us, but even truckers and trucking associations are campaigning for higher fuel taxes. It’s that or toll roads, decaying infrastructure, and higher transportation costs in the long run.

Oliver Wendell Holmes “liked to pay taxes.” With them he “bought civilization.” A quaint notion these days.

David Grubbs, Fresno