Letters to the Editor

Debate request | Letters to the editor, Aug. 19, 2018

Nunes, Janz should debate each other

Andrew Janz, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 22nd District, has made multiple requests for a debate with his opponent, Republican Devin Nunes. And Nunes’ response? Crickets (silence)!

What is Devin afraid of? A debate would give him an opportunity to defend himself, his abysmal lack of accomplishments for the Valley, his refusal to meet with his constituents (unless they donate big money), and his treasonous protection of a corrupt White House.

In contrast, Andrew Janz offers a prosecutor's commitment to the rule of law, a tenacious commitment to justice, stellar integrity and a demonstrated concern for the well-being of his constituents.

Janz is ready and willing to debate. C'mon Devin – bring it on!

Myra Coble, Fresno

Questions united effort by press

So, more than 300 newspapers nationwide in a coordinated effort are going to publish simultaneous anti-Trump editorials. A case of “Democrat collusion”?

T.C. Morgan, Fresno

Fewer humans, better world

I am referring to the article by Dan Schnur of The Sacramento Bee, “Wildfires shine light on environmental challenges,” Aug. 13.

As I see it the largest challenge to the environment is overpopulation of the world. The world population now stands at 7.642 billion people. Any good scientist will tell you that a population of 2.5 billion is better suited for the environment. Yet, nobody wants to breach the issue of birth control. That is what is needed if we are going to have a better world.

Steven Wright, Mariposa

To her, seems like a bad dream

Regarding Eric Trump’s comment that his father is the “epitome of the American dream”. The “dream” includes a country represented by a dishonest former businessman who believes Putin rather than his national security advisers, demonstrates his hatred for all minorities, lies an average of seven times per day and has the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old.

More like the American nightmare!

Mary Lou Marsoun, Clovis