Letters to the Editor

Underground Gardens a great draw for Fresno

Fresno has the most fantastic monument to man's ingenuity -- one man's dream fulfilled -- in Forestiere Underground Gardens.

In past years, we have taken relatives from Illinois and Australia who were absolutely awed by the fact that one man had accomplished this wondrous spectacle. I have no idea if Fresno publicizes this, or if the visitors bureau even touts this most unusual place.

To me it should be the ace of drawing cards for Fresno. Nowhere else would you find such a spectacular place to visit. Not to commercialize, but to emphasize the difference between entertainment facilities and the total ability and design of one man's creation.

I am certain the newly published book, by Silvio Manno [story Jan. 11], is all that can be desired, but believe me, it cannot hold a candle to an actual tour of the Gardens. If you have never been there, you have no idea what you are missing.

Adelaide J. Cycon