Letters to the Editor

Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship

I read the column by Fresno State Professor Andrew Fiala in the Dec.17 edition of The Bee with some curiosity. It is obvious that Mr. Fiala does not understand Christianity.

The Bible scholars whose book he referenced in the column were either non-believers or liberals. He did not refer to any conservative Christian leaders. Perhaps he avoided them because he wanted to only present one side of the story.

Mr. Fiala would do well to do an in-depth study of Christianity before he tackles such an enormous task. Thankfully, a lot of that work has already been done. I would challenge him to read the book by Lee Strobel, “The Case for Christ: A jurnalist’s Personal Investigaton of the evidence for Jesus.” Mr. Fiala talks about critical thinking. Mr. Strobel has done that for him.

At best, Mr. Fiala has only scratched the surface of the issue. His commentary is not only not objective, but it is incomplete. Christianity, at its core, is not a religion. It is not a collection of parables or symbols. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ. And finally, let’s not confuse critical thinking with ignorance.

Dennis Schmierer, Fresno