Letters to the Editor

God is with us, even today – Merry Christmas!

Puzzled. Interesting. That is my response to Andrew Fiala’s column on ethics, “Whether fact or fiction, Christmas Nativity story bears much meaning for our lives.”

I do not believe belief in Christmas is declining; more people attend church at Christmastime. The nativity is not a tale; it is true. The study of history, archeology and faith keeps our eyes open to the truth.

The story of Jesus’ birth is found in all gospels. Because the gospel of Matthew gives details and Mark jumps into the time when Jesus was older is not inconsistent to me but points more to a complete picture of Jesus.

Jesus spoke in parables with people of his time. The Old Testament speaks of Jesus through God’s appointed prophets. Prophets deliver upcoming facts, good news, more the meaning of Christmas.

Perhaps when we question the meaning of the manger and all that took place, it would be wise to go to the source and read what was written over 400 years before the event.

Take time to read some books of the Old Testament – Malachi, Joel and Isaiah to start. Wisdom, revelation and reflection are found therein.

God is with us, even today.

Merry Christmas!

Janice Simpson, Fresno