Letters to the Editor

Talk to your kids about sex, or make sure they take classes in school


Sex! It is everywhere, from movies to social media to playground gossips. Our children are aware of it whether we like it or not, yet parents refuse to talk about it.

As a young female physician, I get approached daily by teenagers and college students with numerous questions about the birds ’n’ the bees. The question usually starts with “I heard that I cannot get pregnant if…” The information is scarily inaccurate, and we cannot shield our children from it.

To solely rely on abstinence is obviously not a realistic solution, as the Valley has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rate in California. The solution is not only to promote abstinence but also to start providing accurate information with proper sex education. Luckily this is now a state law however, families still have the choice to opt out.

Growing up in a very traditional family with a strong religious background, my mother avoided this conversion like the plague while many of my childhood friends became mothers at the age of 14. Unless you are absolutely comfortable initiating this conversion with your children, I urge that you allow them to participate in this new sex-ed curriculum.

Dr. Anh Le, Fresno