Letters to the Editor

The word ‘delusion’ fits ‘a certain president’

In Eastern philosophy, we find a school of thought which describes a group of human personality disorders. One is delusion. Definition: “A persistent false psychotic belief.”

This delusion group is present in all types of unwholesome consciousness and includes four factors: delusion, shamelessness, unscrupulousness, and fearlessness.

Shamelessness is the inability to stop wrong actions due to the inability to apply morally correct standards.

Fearlessness is the lack of dread or the inability to recognize what is morally correct.

Along with delusion we find greed, mistaken belief and conceit. Also there is a tendency toward self, pride, egoism and a refusal to admit wrong actions which leads to envy, avarice and worry.

A common delusion of a certain president is believing that all Muslims are terrorists.

David Desroches, Fresno