Letters to the Editor

Clovis Muslim: Rules are important but...

In regard to recent debates on immigration from some countries, I’d like to say as an American and an Ahmadi Muslim that reasonable rules and regulations for the security of our country are very important.

However, these regulations should not be so strict as to infringe on the American ideals of diversity and inclusion. We should avoid giving into hate and fear bred by terrorism abroad and domestic bigotry; it is what all extremists desire.

Despite the rise of discrimination towards Muslims since 9/11 and the fact that many Americans don’t know a single Muslim, it has been a humbling experience to see the number of Americans who have stood up and spoken on behalf of Muslims.

It is the belief of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community that education is the best way to combat bigotry and misinformation. In this regard, we have two initiatives nationwide to better educate Americans about Islam and Muslims, the “Meet a Muslim” campaign and the “Coffee, Cake and True Islam” campaign.

We hope that these efforts will remove fear and ignorance from many Americans and open up educated dialogue.

Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Clovis