Letters to the Editor

GOP: Dust off your memory or pay the price

People have short memories! There was a letter from Mike Der Manouel Sr. in the paper on Dec. 15 that was announcing the death of the Democratic Party. It was just eight short years ago at the end of the Bush administration’s eight-year reign when the economy was in the throes of the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression and in shambles.

In that presidential cycle, the American people put Barack Obama in office and voted enough Democrats into office to give them control of both houses of Congress. All the political pundits back then were talking about the death of the Republican Party and asked if they were ever going to be relevant again. Well, here we are!

So, the Republicans ought to pay attention not only to their own agenda, but to the wants and wishes of the majority of Americans (keeping in mind that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million votes).

If they don’t, the American voter may turn the tables on them the same way they did back in 2008. I’m an Independent; a centrist! I can only hope there are enough of us around to keep both parties honest and in check.

Jim King, Visalia