Letters to the Editor

Highways are in dangerous condition

As a weekly commuter between Fresno and Soledad, I can attest to the sad condition of Highway 145 between Kerman and Interstate 5. Traveling at night, in the fog, it is exceedingly difficult to see the road.

The center line is completely worn away, as is the visual quality of any center reflectors. Frequently, the white line along the right side of the road, is the only discernible feature. Conversely, crossing over Interstate 5 and continuing on Highway 198 in Monterey County, the road is very well marked. Here one can see the highly reflective yellow paint and center bumps, far ahead.

I’m sure most would agree, two-way traffic, at 60 mph is about as dangerous as it gets. How much could it cost to re-stripe, and set new center bumps on a highly traveled artery used by truckers and travelers alike?

Should this be a state thing, rather than a county thing? Perhaps we need to inform our representatives of this negligent maintenance condition. Whether it will do any good, or not, is anyone’s guess.

Rich Lagomarsino, Fresno