Letters to the Editor

Trumpkins: You’re in for ‘rude awakening’

The Electoral College, a constitutional anachronism from the days of slavery, is supposed to encourage candidates to hit all the states, not just focus strictly on large population centers at the expense of the rural.

But, short of massive turnout for a single candidate, electoral votes represent a state, not the people. Given that over 2 million more voters chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, he has no more mandate than George W. Bush had in 2004 (but at least W. won that popular vote, unlike 2000).

Further, the Trumpkins are in for a rude awakening when it becomes clear that he can do little, if anything, on his own, because that’s how our government works. The president-elect has wildly backpedaled from his campaign rhetoric.

On the other hand, Trump has proven that many in this country are right to be fearful, given that many of his nominees so far are white males with extensive records of discriminating and vilifying Muslims and non-whites. A groundswell is developing to make Trump a “one-term president.” Where have we heard that before?

Daniel Lea, Fresno