Letters to the Editor

Auto industry: Make us stop texting while driving

I tried, but I can’t stop. I am even one of the stronger willed – but I can’t stop. I want to stop, just cannot. What? Using my cell device while driving.

Some new statistics just came out on accidents caused by people using their cell device while driving. Terrible, just terrible! Many readers and drivers cannot remember when there were no cell phones. I do. With all the traffic to deal with, in this day and age, with all the other distractions we have when driving like the radio, yes, even the radio, we must do better.

It takes concentration to drive safely and then that is no guarantee as we have to count on the other drivers to do their part. Fines do not work. People dying or being hurt does not work. Insurance costing more does not work. Nothing works except the cell phone not working while in the driver’s seat, driving.

The phone companies, along with the auto industry, can make this happen, sooner than later. They have to, for you and me, our children, parents, friends, strangers we do not know. Why? Because I cannot stop – you cannot stop.

Ken Collins, Reedley