Letters to the Editor

Can GOP govern the majority?

I read a letter to the editor today about how being a Republican in California makes one feel marginalized. My counter is how being a Democrat in the United States makes one feel marginalized.

In the last five presidential elections, Democrats have won the popular vote four of the five times, yet only won the White House twice. In the 2014 election, more than a million more Democratic votes were cast in the midterm elections, yet the Republicans won by a large margin in the House and Senate.

By an out-of-date statute in the Constitution and gerrymandering, the will of the majority has been stifled. People should work together and understand each other. Well, let us see if the party that did not win a majority of the vote even considers the other’s point of view in January.

They did not in 2000 and lurched the entire U.S. government to the right. That got us into an unpopular war and nearly drove the country into a major economic depression. Let us see if Republicans can govern for all Americans including the “majority” of American voters. I do not have high hopes.

Mike Enos, Fresno