Letters to the Editor

Inspiration Park guests need transportation

I want take this occasion to congratulate The Bee on the article about the universally accessible Inspiration Park located at 5770 W. Gettysburg Ave. As a resident of Fresno attending the walking event on Nov. 5 along with leaders in our community, I want to show solidarity with people who have disabilities.

Fresno City Councilmember Esmeralda Soria (District 1) and Supervisor Henry Perea were among the most prominent leaders who promised to work with the community to resolve the issue of public accessible transportation to the park.

The continuous news coverage of Inspiration Park shows the commitment the Fresno Bee has for bringing the issue of transportation accessibility to the thousands of people living in Fresno who also need a place to enjoy this public park. I also encourage The Bee to continue doing its job of informing the community of future events like this one that raise issues of concern to the broader community.

Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV.org) will take the Inspiration Park issue of transportation to City Hall in an attempt to get our city leaders to listen and understand the need for access to the park is real and needs to happen soon.

William Reyes, Fresno