Letters to the Editor

Law enforcement should set example for safe driving

It’s the little things, but then it always is. This morning was the first in the Fresno area of dense fog, actually kind of nice to see, being that having fog meant we had rain.

If you listen to the morning news or any local news, the newscasters are preaching a word of caution: Make sure you have your headlights on when driving in the fog, not your high beams.

During the rainy season, newscasters preach about having your lights on when using your windshield wipers (it is a law). I would say through observation that about 75 percent of the population accomplished this.

The sad part is that the people who should be setting an example for all drivers are the worst violators of all mentioned above. I have witnessed this morning, for example, both Fresno Police Department and Clovis Police Department driving about with no headlights on. About 80 percent of law enforcement drivers don’t use their headlights in the rain.

I have also seen Fresno Sheriff’s Department vehicles stopped on the railroad tracks while waiting at a traffic signal. Aren’t these the people who write us tickets for breaking the same laws that they ignore with immunity? Why aren’t they setting an example all should follow?

Robin N. Weir, Fresno