Letters to the Editor

Embrace Bernie Sanders’ positive vision

Two weeks since the Hobson’s choice between two forms of nihilism. Donald Trump divided society according to race, sex and class. Hillary Clinton pretended to be about bringing people together with her slogan ‘Stronger Together.” But she offered only a tepid defense of a threadbare social safety net.

Trump was un-Clinton. Clinton was un-Trump. Both are nothing more than pure ego.

The Clintons sold out the white working class in the 1990s for corporate money. Trump offers nothing to reverse this class’s plight, but at least he hasn’t yet sold them out. Besides, he appeals to the enduring human capacity for denial and blame.

Clinton’s emails prove she and the Democratic Party elite perpetrated fraud against Bernie Sanders, the one candidate in the primaries who offered a positive vision. This fraud confirmed the doubts of many regarding Clinton’s massive baggage, which her supporters blindly dismissed as conspiracy theory.

Clinton was the perfect candidate for Trump.

Bernie Sanders, an independent, is now de facto leader of the Democratic Party. Unlike Clinton, Sanders addressed the white working class’s concerns without Trump’s scapegoating.

Only love drives out hate. To succeed, Trump protesters must reject hatred of Trump and embrace Sanders’ positive vision, which continues in the Our Revolution movement.

Chip Ashley, Tollhouse