Letters to the Editor

President Trump: national crisis

I applaud the insightful column of Andrew Fiala comparing Donald Trump and Machiavelli (Nov. 12).

The comparison is gripping and frightful. Many people read the election of Trump as a triumph when, in fact, it’s a national crisis. When there is crisis, people consolidate and scapegoat others. Trump has preyed on scapegoating Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics and the gay community. He has demonstrated abusive behavior toward women.

So how do we respond to the hateful behavior of Trump? We respond to it through the political process. We respond to it by organizing in the community and making clear our principled commitment to democracy. It’s going to require hard arguments with folks who disagree with us. It may require protests and acts of civil disobedience.

We need to put forward an inclusive vision of justice for all Americans that runs counter to Trump’s message of racial hatred and prejudice. It will be difficult, but we must do it and never give up.

Joseph A. Carr, Fresno