Letters to the Editor

Most voters can’t sort fact from fiction

Amazingly, the post-election analysis on flawed polling still hasn’t got it right.

Polling with 20th century demographic models have omitted two facts which changed the course of American history. As a retired journalism teacher with an English/social studies background, I have observed that no one is accounting for the fact that millennials and most Americans under 50, no matter the education level, do not read newspapers. Republicans voted their guts, not their brains!

Americans get their distorted/warped view of reality from social media, like Facebook’s “Feed Bubble-with fake news highlights,” and from FOX/CNBC/CNN-left/right-wing non-objective sources. Most people don’t have the brains to sort fact from fiction.

Accurate reporting of fact/truth is only as good as the questions asked and answered. Pollsters must ask voters where and how they get “news?” The level of education has little to do with the outcome of an election today.

Like British voters over Brexit, the 30 percent of registered Democrats who did not vote to change this outcome, deserve what they get. They shot themselves in the feet, by not voting en masse against threats that will change their lives and America forever?

Rewrite the questions!

Gary Daloyan, Fresno