Letters to the Editor

Confession: I voted for Donald Trump

I admit it. I voted for Donald Trump. I had a difficult decision between two very unpleasant candidates, but this is why I voted for him. I believe:

▪  we need to tighten up our borders, vet immigrants, simplify our tax codes, support our allies overseas and be more aggressive against those who are trying to kill us and destroy our way of life.

▪  we need to not over-regulate our businesses and get our national debt under control.

▪  we need to overhaul Obamacare and that our goal should not be how many Americans we can get on various forms of welfare but rather make policies that make it easier for all Americans who are struggling financially to get back on their feet and be productive.

▪  we already have many laws on the books related to gun safety and that we need to strictly enforce the laws that we do have.

▪  we need to care for our earth but balance that with being able to responsibly utilize the resources that God has given us.

. If all of these views make me “deplorable,” I am guilty as charged.

Brian DeMars, Fresno