Letters to the Editor

I’ll now donate teddies to Fresno State day care

As a Fresno State alumni, it is apparent that it is time to change the way I support my alma mater. The university is now offering grief counseling to students who are not happy with the results of the recent election. That is more proof that we are not preparing our young adults for the reality of life.

They are unaware that quite often you don’t get what you want or when you want it. They expect to have it all and it must be now. Most of us know that is not how life works.

This new generation is ill prepared for the real world. it is time they attend a new, mandatory course called Life 101. The first lesson is when things don’t go your way, suck it up and move on. The sun will rise again tomorrow and life will continue. You will get another chance to try again. But, It will take much effort to to change the things you are not happy with. So put down the cell phone and get to work.

Instead of money, I will now be donating teddy bears, binkies and blankets for the new student day care located at the northeast corner of Cedar and Shaw avenues.

Jeff Davis, Clovis