Letters to the Editor

Surprise salute for IHOP diner

Our belief in the holiday spirit, or perhaps just the goodness of people, was just reinforced on Nov. 18.

My husband is a Pearl Harbor survivor and we live in Coarsegold, so our son and daughter-in-law had taken us to Fresno for an appointment at Kaiser Permanente.

After that, we were enjoying dinner at IHOP before returning home. When we were ready to leave, our waitress came with our bill and said “You owe nothing, your bill has been paid.” She said a couple sitting nearby had noticed my husband’s Pearl Harbor survivor jacket and asked to pay our bill, told her not to say anything until they were gone, and written on the back of our bill, “Thank you for your service, sir.”

So, whoever you are, sir, I hope you see this. Thank you for your much appreciated kindness, and the reminder of how many good people we have around us.

Chuck and Dorothy Lishman, Coarsegold