Letters to the Editor

Fake lawns fatal to planet

While I am all for conserving water and capturing solar energy, I see a huge problem developing with synthetic lawns. Scrape the land bare, cover it with cement and/or concrete and lay artificial turf on top. Completely smothering all oxygen needed for our planet to survive, which once relied on trees, grass and bushes. In my own neighborhood, as I walk my dog, I see more and more climate and global warming by people converting to the perfection of that “oh so fake” lawn.

Heating all natural landscaping around those neighbors who choose to weather our drought or cannot afford such costly measures. People do not understand the ramifications of their choices. I’ll take a few yellow spots still breathing on my lawn over fake ovens cooking the last breath of life out of our atmosphere. Burning our planet.

I choose to oxygenate. The irony is that I am providing my neighbors with a healthy, living environment – while they are choking the life out of me. Certainly, it costs me a bit more to maintain my lawn, but I choose Planet Earth over Planet Death.

Linda Marie, Clovis