Letters to the Editor

Republicans will slash Social Security, Medicare

We will soon start hearing conservative Republicans telling us we can no longer afford Social Security and Medicare due to our huge national debt and must scrap them. Keep in mind that to evaluate the true size of the debt, one has to determine the debts percentage of a countries gross domestic product.

In so doing, we see that the size of the U.S. national debt ranks 36th as measured against other countries. The U.S. national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product is 71.8 percent.

Japan leads with a debt that is 226 percent of its GDP. Among other countries with higher national debts than the U.S. we find Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Austria (and 27 others). It is unlikely that the countries mentioned above will scrap social programs that benefit their citizens due to worry over their national debt.

Don’t let the right wing scare you with dire warnings of national bankruptcy. We are not going broke. Their real agenda is ideological. A view that government benefits make us a socialist country. We aren’t, and they don’t.

Curtis Sisk Sr., Madera