Letters to the Editor

Fiala plays his part as liberal academic

There is no need to seriously address the errors and confusion in Andrew Fiala’s column (Nov. 12) accusing President-elect Donald Trump of being Machiavelli’s brother.

The departure from the liberal insistence of Trump being Hitler is appreciated. But, the pseudo-academic Machiavellian characterization is best understood in the context of the virtually uniform long-standing propaganda play of liberal media and academia.

They have been conjuring up all manner of conspiracies to dehumanize Trump for over two years, so much so that they have convinced themselves they are true. We are now witnessing the clash of reality of his win with their aggressively hyperbolic reason-to-be to which they have become addicted through incoherence, intellectual dishonesty, hypocrisy and malevolence. Mr. Fiala is merely playing his part.

Stewart Hough, Madera