Letters to the Editor

Protect our right to bear arms

While discussing ways of stopping federal overreach, James Madison mentioned “refusal to cooperate with the officers of the Union.”

If there’s one lesson to take away from the recent wave of state marijuana legalization, it is that the feds do not have the means of enforcing their laws without state and local cooperation. Nor, as the Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions (read Printz v. U.S.), do state and local officials have any legal obligation to cooperate.

So let’s take our non-cooperation a step further. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims has consistently stood up for our right to bear arms, but why not enshrine this into law? There is small chance of California ever taking such a step, but we don’t need to wait for Sacramento.

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors can pass an ordinance withholding county funds as well as aid from county officials for enforcement of gun-restriction measures. Similar measures have recently been taken in Curry County, Oregon. Let’s ask the supervisors to help us protect our right to bear arms.

Matthew Hartwig, Easton