Letters to the Editor

Not all ‘Okies’ left for California

I read with great interest Lewis Griswold’s column in the Nov. 6 Bee about Bill DeCarteret’s newly published book about his life as a mule packer.

I am 83 years old and in 2008 I wrote and published “Okie Boy - The Great Depression and World War II.” This is a memoir set on a 160-acre dairyland farm in central Oklahoma, a family of seven living in a two-room house, attending a one-room country school and experiencing the shortages and rationing of children’s shoes, sugar, gasoline and tires.

It describes me breaking the news that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor the preceding day to my second-grade teacher.

“Okie Boy” is available from Amazon.com or by email: info@trafford.com or call (250) 383-6804.

Gene Ralston, Lemoore