Orth offers public service announcements ahead of June 7 election

For those voters who want to show their love – or, possibly, their hatred – of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth has a message: You must be registered as a Republican to participate in the June 7 Republican primary election. If you’re not and you want to be, you have until Monday to change party registration.

The Republican Party only allows registered Republicans to participate in its presidential selection process. Though Trump is the presumptive nominee at this point, there is still a lot of interest in his candidacy – and people who want to vote for or against him.

“With California being a player in this election, and all the interest in the Republican candidates – we are trying to get this message out to the voters early, soon and often,” Orth said.

But it wasn’t her only public service message to voters as she works to ensure a smooth election process.

Orth also offered up these tidbits:

▪ There is a new application on the Fresno County Elections website where a voter can look themselves up and verify their information, including party registration. Those who want to change the party they are registered to need to re-register. It can be done on the Secretary of State’s website https://covr.sos.ca.gov/?language=en-US. Or here in Spanish.

▪ Nonpartisan – otherwise known as “no party preference” voters – will not have any presidential race on their ballot. The American Independent, Democratic and Libertarian parties, however, allow non-partisan voters to participate in their elections, but it requires some initiative from the nonpartisan voter.

If the nonpartisan voter is going to vote-by-mail, they have to fill out an application and write in the name of the party ballot they want. A form is on the Fresno County Elections website.

If the voter is going to the polls, they have to ask the precinct officer for a “crossover” ballot, and then choose which party to vote.

▪ American Independent is an actual party, and not an independent. If voters want to register as an independent, which means they affiliate with no political party, the correct registration is “no party preference.” It was formerly known as “decline to state.”