Dozens of brand-new Jeeps, pickups destroyed as 33-car train derails, Nevada cops say

A train derailment in rural Nevada on Wednesday morning crushed and destroyed dozens of brand-new Jeeps and pickup trucks that were being carried as cargo, local authorities said.

Because of the derailment, a county road from Elgin to Carp will be completely closed until at least Thursday, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

That road will stay partially blocked off for a week or more, deputies said in a Facebook post, explaining that there’s “construction equipment, train cars, and debris blocking the roadway.”

The Sheriff’s Office shared photos of the wreck on Facebook on Wednesday night.

“Please do not travel this area unless absolutely needed,” deputies advised.

Photos from the wreckage show destroyed vehicles piled on top of one another after they tumbled out of the train cars. The train cars themselves are also destroyed, pointing every direction and resting on the gravel road. One jeep is crunched and upside down.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said the 33-car train derailed around 9 a.m., roughly 30 miles from the Nevada border with Utah, according to FOX 13. The wreck is near the town of Caliente.

The TV station reported that it was “mostly new Jeep Rubicons and pickup trucks destroyed in the derailment.” Lee said the train was hauling hazardous material as well, but those cars weren’t affected in the derailment, FOX 13 reports.

The Sheriff’s Office said Union Pacific Railroad workers are cleaning up the mess, KTNV reports.

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