Mom told 911 her toddler drowned in bathtub — but wouldn’t give CPR, Nevada cops say

Linette Boedicker, also known as Linette Warrichaiet
Linette Boedicker, also known as Linette Warrichaiet Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

When a 44-year-old Las Vegas mom called 911 Saturday to report her toddler had drowned, dispatchers told her how to perform CPR — but she wasn’t interested, KLAS reported.

“Those instructions went unanswered,” said Lt. Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Police Department, KTNV reported. The woman also didn’t pull the girl from the water.

When a police officer arrived at her apartment, Linette Boedicker, also known as Linette Warrichaiet, didn’t answer the door for several minutes, KVVU reported.

“He went in, found the child face up, fully-clothed in a bathtub full of water,” Spencer said, KNLV reported. Officers and medics tried to perform CPR on her, but could not revive her.

“Disturbing is an understatement,” Spencer said, KTNV reported. “I have officers out here who are shaken up.”

Officers arrested Boedicker on suspicion of murder after her daughter, whom police did not identify, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, KLAS reported.

“This right here is absolutely absurd — that I’m here discussing a 2-year-old who was senselessly murdered,” Spencer said, KVVU reported.

Officers had earlier responded to a domestic violence incident at Boedicker’s apartment, but police don’t believe her boyfriend had any connection to the child’s death, KTNV reported.

Boedicker is scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon, KLAS reported.

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