Wild 7-foot hog was in Oklahoma truck’s path. Photos captured the deadly aftermath.

The crash killed the hog, police said.
The crash killed the hog, police said. Oklahoma Highway Patrol

The wild hog was in the middle of an Oklahoma roadway on Thursday when the crash happened, according to the state’s highway patrol.

A driver taking U.S. Route 59 through Leflore County slammed into the nearly 7-foot-long animal, troopers said.

The crash totaled the driver’s Ford pickup, apparently sending it off the roadway into the grass and leaving the pickup balanced on its side, as photos from the scene show.

Its windshield was cracked, its front fender came loose and its headlights were still on in the pictures the Oklahoma Highway Patrol posted on Facebook Friday. Debris can be seen on the ground near the vehicle.

The driver sustained injuries, but they weren’t life threatening, troopers said.

The driver wasn’t seriously injured in the crash, police said. Oklahoma Highway Patrol

The wild hog died, highway patrol said. Photos show workers handling its hulking body on the pavement after the crash.

“Always be cautious while driving and be prepared for anything!” the highway patrol advised.

Feral hogs have been found in 70 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma, according to the state wildlife department. Swelling hog populations have hurt the landscape in the state as the animals tear up land on the hunt for food.

Settlers in Oklahoma introduced the animals and used them for food, but wild hog populations have since spread and grown in number, the Tulsa World reported earlier this year.

The invasive animals are most active during the night. They also transmit disease and compete with native animals for food, the wildlife department said.

There are as many as 1.5 million in Oklahoma, according to the wildlife department.

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