Death Notices

Fresno-area death notices for Tuesday, Aug. 20

Complimentary death notice listings are provided by funeral homes and include name, age, residence, date of passing and funeral home in charge of arrangements.

Bristol, Mark, 54, Fresno, Aug. 13, Jay Chapel

Chong, Dayton, 72, Fresno, Aug. 19, Farewell Funeral Service Palm Bluffs

DeVecchio, Barbara, 89, Fresno, Aug. 13, Yost & Webb Funeral Home

Dorman, Sean Michael, 48, Fresno, Aug. 7

Figueroa, Juana, 92, Orange Cove, Aug. 16, Dopkins Reedley Funeral Chapel

Forston, Gary, 82, Clovis, Aug. 10, Farewell Funeral Service Palm Bluffs

Henry Sr., Raymond, 52, Fresno, Aug. 14, Jesse E. Cooley Jr, funeral Service Inc.

Kerber, Cleo, 91, Fresno, Aug. 9, Cremation Society of Central California

Lee, Janet Freeland, 81, Fresno, Aug. 17, Whitehurst, Sullivan, Burns & Blair Funeral Home

Martinez, Donna Lynn, 62, Sanger, Aug. 14, Wallin's Sanger Funeral Home

McHarry, Catherine Ruth, 66, Fresno, Aug. 15, Whitehurst, Sullivan, Burns & Blair Funeral Home

Menchaca, Joel, 63, Porterville, Aug. 16, Porterville Funeral & Cremation Center

Moffett, Kathleen, 70, Fresno, Aug. 15, Chapel of the Light

Moore, Edward Junior, 90, Sanger, Aug. 16, Wallin's Sanger Funeral Home

Raby, Melba Jo, 79, Fresno, Aug. 16, Affordable Direct Cremations

Salgado, Saul, 40, Lindsay, Aug. 17, Porterville Funeral & Cremation Center

Tatum, Carrie, 40, Fresno, Aug. 11, Jesse E. Cooley Jr, Funeral Service Inc.

Upton, Ruth, 66, Madera, Aug. 15, Jay Chapel

Uriarte, Albert Julian, 78, Fresno, Aug. 13, Wallin's Fowler Funeral Home

Viriyavong, Jack, 56, Fresno, Aug. 13, Chapel of the Light Funeral Home

Walker, Roia Gerard, 94, Fresno, Aug. 12, Stephens and Bean Funeral Chapel

Weaver, Paul Vernon, 92, Fresno, Aug. 11, Whitehurst, Sullivan, Burns & Blair Funeral Home

White, Esther, 85, Fresno, Aug. 15, Lisle Funeral Home

Williams, Cary Allen, 49, Fresno, Aug. 11, Stephens and Bean Funeral Chapel

Willis Sr., Richard Eugene, 72, Clovis, Aug. 7, Reade and Sons Funeral Home

Winter, Lorraine, 90, Fresno, Aug. 4, Chapel of the Light