Modesto police arrest groping suspect with help from photos take by victim

Cameron Anton Tanner
Cameron Anton Tanner Modesto PD

A quick-thinking victim helped Modesto police capture the man who groped her by taking his photo, authorities said.

The 28-year-old woman was walking on McHenry Avenue near Roseburg Avenue around 9 a.m. Monday when she noticed a man following her, said police Lt. Jason Grogan.

As the man followed her for several blocks, the woman could see from his reflection in business windows that he was getting closer to her.

The woman got out her cellphone to call for help when the man reached between her legs and grabbed her, Grogan said.

The woman turned around and told him she was going to call police. The man ran away, but not before the victim snapped three photos of him with her phone.

Officer January Siphan took the report and emailed the photos to all of his colleagues, Grogan said.

About five hours later, Officer Kelly Mikolich spotted the suspect in downtown Modesto, wearing what appeared to be the same red shirt and backpack she’d seen in the photos.

Cameron Anton Tanner, 24, of Fresno was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery, according to Grogan. He remained in custody Tuesday afternoon with bail set at $2,000.