Fight video at Fresno Fair goes viral

The video of a fight that broke out between a group of men and women Saturday night at the Big Fresno Fair went viral online, receiving nearly 400,000 views by Sunday evening.

There is no word on what caused the fight, which appeared to take place in the carnival area.

A short video of the fight was posted to Facebook and then shared on the Fresno Police Department’s Facebook page.

Sgt. Dave Gibeault said he was aware of the fight and that a video had been made, but he wasn’t aware that it had been posted to the department’s Facebook page. He said there are always fights or disagreements at the fair, but he didn’t anticipate the video sparking more fights. He added that anyone caught fighting is kicked out of the fair, and officers are prepared to handle fights when they break out.

Fresno police said they did not anticipate having to increase their presence Sunday night.

Another Fresno police watch commander said more officers were called in Saturday night because a “crowd just grew unruly” outside the Kings Canyon Road gate after the fair closed. The extra personnel were called in to clear everyone out, the commander said.

A fair spokeswoman, Danielle LeBouef Griffin, said Sunday there had been multiple fights, but she was unaware of the video.

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Posted by Jrod Lindsey on Saturday, October 10, 2015