A tangled tale of an armed, masked intruder who was hit by a shotgun blast

Police detectives are trying to sort through exactly what happened at a midnight shooting in northeast Fresno, where it was reported that an armed, masked intruder was repulsed by a shotgun blast.

Lt. Mark Hudson said Thursday that conflicting statements at the scene are not making the job easy for investigators.

Officers arrived in the 100 block of East Portland Avenue at 11:54 p.m. Wednesday to check a call of an armed disturbance, said Hudson. They found an “involved party,” who said a woman’s estranged husband, wearing a ski mask, broke into the home, armed with a semi-automatic pistol and demanding to see his wife. When he pointed the weapon at the involved party’s girlfriend, the involved party fired a shotgun, striking the estranged husband in the arm. The wounded man ran from the home, and was taken by a third party to a hospital.

Hudson said night detectives were sent to the home, where victims and witnesses provided conflicting statements. Many witnesses were reportedly “extremely uncooperative,” and detectives were unable to determine what happened or who was the primary aggressor. No arrests had been made as of midday Thursday.