Suspect sticks broken bottle in victim’s face, then takes her car before 120-mph pursuit

A woman was robbed of her car Wednesday afternoon in downtown Fresno after a man thrust a broken bottle in her face and sped away.

The car was recovered in Kings County after a 120-mph pursuit by deputies.

The woman was not seriously injured, Lt. Mark Hudson said, although she appeared shaken after the suspect pulled her out of the late-model Nissan Altima about 12:30 p.m. on Tulare Street just west of Fulton Street.

Hudson said the man attempted to remove the woman from the car and threatened her with a broken bottle that he brandished in her face before speeding away.

Police broadcast the incident, and deputies with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office spotted the car on South Marks Avenue and Mount Whitney Avenue but lost it after it accelerated to speeds of 120 mph. The deputies then called in a helicopter to join the pursuit, sheriff’s office spokesman Tony Botti said.

The vehicle was later recovered in Kings County, where deputies there reported that they had a suspect in custody.