Fresno man convicted of alcohol-related crash may get up to 17 years in prison

A Fresno man who was already on probation for drunk driving was convicted Thursday of murder and other charges for a 2016 alcohol-related crash.

Jose Manuel Andrade-Blanco, 26, of Fresno, pleaded no contest to murder, five counts of driving under the Influence of alcohol causing injury and leaving the scene of an accident.

Andrade-Blanco faces a total of 17 years in prison: 15 years-to-life, plus a two-year term. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 26.

Andrade-Blanco is accused of driving drunk on Nov. 23, 2016 near Shaw and Seventh avenues in Biola. His car began drifting into oncoming traffic when he collided head-on with two other cars, injuring five people and causing the death of Juan Diaz-Rodriguez, 29.

Police said the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration was between 0.15% and 0.22% at the time of the crash.

After the collision, Andrade-Blanco ran into a nearby orchard where he was caught a short time later by Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies.

Andrade-Blanco was charged with murder, in part, because of his 2015 conviction of driving under the influence. At the time, a judge warned him that if he continued to drink and drive, and he killed someone, he could be charged with murder. He was on probation for the prior DUI at the time of the crash in Biola.

The Fresno County District Attorney’s office reminds the public that during this Memorial Day weekend remember to designate a non-drinking driver during your holiday celebrations.