Man killed dog because it wanted to ‘play too much,’ police say

Ambrocio Hernandez

A man in possession of methamphetamine was booked on animal cruelty charges after he killed a family’s dog with a hammer, Madera police reported Tuesday.

Ambrocio Hernandez, 27, told officers that the animal “wanted to play with him too much and was bugging him,” according to police.

Hernandez was also arrested on drug possession charges.

The incident took place Monday night. Officers were called to the 800 block of South D Street by a family that reported a large pool of blood in their driveway. Family members said that Hernandez, a relative, was standing nearby when they arrived home. Hernandez is not allowed on the property because of drug use and aggressive behavior, and was asked to leave.

Following the blood trail to a garbage can, officers found the family dog — a German shepherd/Labrador retriever mix named Linda —dead inside. Hernandez was in his truck when he was tracked down by cops and was covered in blood and in possession of a hammer. Police said he admitted to killing the animal.

Linda 2.jpg
A man admitting to killing a female German shepherd/Labrador mix named Linda, according to police. MADERA POLICE DEPARTMENT