Police discover honey oil labs with enough chemicals to ‘destroy a city block’

Clovis Police Department

Police discovered three honey oil labs in southeast Fresno on Tuesday with enough chemicals to destroy an entire city block, according to a press release.

Both Clovis and Fresno police assisted with the bust.

Three separate commercial properties were searched with warrants, and police say they found honey oil, THC pills, honey oil cartridges and drug paraphernalia. They also found “enough chemicals to destroy a city block if handled improperly.”

Eugenio Vildosola, 55, of Fresno, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of operating a honey oil lab, but has since bailed out, according to Clovis police.

Honey oil is highly concentrated THC.

Police say honey oil labs are extremely volatile and can explode, endangering the lives of anyone nearby.

Clovis police encourage anyone with information on honey oil labs to contact law enforcement.

Ashleigh Panoo: 559-441-6010, @AshleighPan