401-year sentence for Tulare County man in sex crimes case

A judge has handed down a 401-year sentence to a Tulare County man after he was convicted of numerous violent sex crimes, including forcible rape, kidnapping, and criminal threats.

Macario Cerda, 39, had previous convictions for felony domestic violence and criminal threats against the victims’ mother, according to Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward.

Cerda reportedly assaulted one of the mother’s children while threatening harm to other family members.

During one of the victim’s impact statements, the victim said Cerda held a knife to her sister’s throat and cautioned the judge:

“Never grant him any possibility at being deported because he has crawled his way back into the States illegally way too many times.”

According to the district attorney, after a previous conviction, Cerda was deported and returned within five months.