Man left phones in Starbucks restrooms to peep on patrons, Oakdale police say

Ramon Palomino-Zepeda, 33
Ramon Palomino-Zepeda, 33 Oakdale Police Department

Oakdale Police are continuing to investigate a digital peeping case involving illicit photos taken in local Starbucks restrooms.

On July 13 Ramon Palomino-Zepeda, 33, was arrested for taking “inappropriate digital photographs” June 28 and June 29 at two Starbucks locations in Oakdale. He was charged with multiple violations including taking lewd photographs and digital peeping.

On Friday a search warrant was serve on the 100 block of South Sixth Avenue in the ongoing lewd conduct case. According to Oakdale Police, Palomino-Zepeda allegedly placing a mobile phone in the restroom of two Starbucks businesses located along East F Street. Police allege his intention was to take digital photographs of unsuspecting patrons on separate occasions.

Oakdale Police are seeking assistance from any potential witnesses and possible victims who may have visited the two Starbucks locations on June 28 and 29 . Police are also reminding patrons of public restrooms to be aware of their surroundings and if they see something unusual to immediately report it.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation or similar incidents is encouraged to contact Det. Don Stilwell of the Oakdale Police Department at 209-847-2231.

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