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The business of blogging: Nathaly Juarez writes to empower young women

In 2014, shortly after graduating from Fresno State, Nathaly Juarez received an offer to intern with the editorial team at Seventeen Magazine in New York City.
In 2014, shortly after graduating from Fresno State, Nathaly Juarez received an offer to intern with the editorial team at Seventeen Magazine in New York City. Bethney Bonilla

It isn’t hard to miss 25-year-old Nathaly Juarez. She can be spotted among the crowds at local coffee shops by her perfectly assembled, vibrant outfit.

Unbeknownst to her fellow coffee mates, she’s more than a knowledgeable fashionista. Working diligently behind her computer screen, she drafts a blog post to be shared with thousands of young women throughout the Central Valley.

Juarez is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and the digital creator behind On a weekly basis, she shares budget-friendly fashion content — including articles, pictures and videos — with her subscribers.

With nearly 11 thousand followers on Instagram, she has created a community in which she shares her passion for fashion. Upon this platform, she also aims to inspire confidence within girls around the world.

“Initially I was going to school to study educational counseling,” Juarez explained as she leaned in and crossed her ankles, before proceeding with her story. “But I had always dreamed of working in fashion since I was a young girl.”

A childhood dream

Juarez possessed a love for fashion from a young age. Growing up in Vacaville, she would sit with admiring eyes while her mother would sketch and sew her Halloween costumes each year. She lived out many of her fashion fantasies through teen magazines.

“When I was younger, I couldn’t buy the latest trends but I loved reading [teen] magazines like Seventeen,” she said. “Even though I knew I couldn’t afford what was in there, I would cut out the pictures of the outfits and recreate them myself.”

After moving to Fresno with her family in 2010, Juarez started studying at Fresno State.


While attending Fresno State, Juarez was introduced to the world of blogging after joining an on-campus fashion club.

“I realized I could maybe find a career in fashion through digital publication,” Juarez said. “I changed my whole career plan and switched my major to journalism.”

In 2014, Juarez earned her M.A. in journalism from Fresno State. Shortly after, she received an offer to intern with the editorial team at Seventeen Magazine in New York City.

She recalled being awestruck at the opportunity to fulfill her dream and begin laying the groundwork for her own career in fashion. While soaking in the knowledge of the successful women around her, she was surprised to find many editors and fashion bloggers had backgrounds similar to her own.

“I was inspired at how they worked their way to the top. I thought, why can’t it be me?” stated Juarez, as she shrugged her shoulders. A small smile formed across her lips, which were perfectly painted with a scarlet, red lipstick.

When she returned to Fresno, she felt inspired to create and establish a fashion blog. She taught herself the necessary skills of blogging by studying online tutorials on photography, video editing and web development. She also attended conferences and seminars.

Working in a small pond

Today, the young entrepreneur is one of few bloggers located in Fresno. While living in Fresno allows her to dominate the digital scene in the Central Valley, she faces challenges obtaining career opportunities in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“It’s difficult sometimes not being in a city where all the fashion companies, events and other bloggers are located,” confessed Juarez. “But, if I were in LA, I would be one of many.”

Juarez admitted that sparse competition has helped her brand engage a strong, loyal fan base in the Central Valley.

In addition, she said location and her background have played a vital role in developing her relatable image, as a young Latina living in Fresno.


While her career goals and interests strongly revolve around fashion, empowering young women is of high priority to Juarez.

In creating her online presence, Juarez explained she drew from her experience as an older sister to four younger siblings.

“I know there are a lot of girls who can’t buy the latest trends every season,” Juarez said. “I give advice to girls from an experience I’ve been through.”

As a Latina, Juarez has tapped into the growing Hispanic market by offering occasional blog and video posts in Spanish. In March, she attended a conference, We All Grow Summit, geared towards connecting and educating the Latina blogging community.

her Success story

Turning a childhood dream into reality has required Juarez to step into an unknown territory and create a career of her own.

Among her several achievements, she recently traveled to Southern California to participate in the Ipsy Open Studios — a free program created by co-founder Michelle Phan.

During ipsyOS, Juarez had access to a state-of-the-art, high-quality studio in Santa Monica. She created a video educating aspiring bloggers on creating a YouTube channel.

“When I was younger I thought that only rich girls went into fashion,” she said. “Now, I know that isn’t true. You can’t let anything stop you from doing what you want.”