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Batteries Plus Bulbs offers solutions to all energy, lighting needs

Batteries Plus Bulbs owner Polly Deng picks up one of the store’s many varieties of light bulbs. The business offers CFL, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED and many more bulbs.
Batteries Plus Bulbs owner Polly Deng picks up one of the store’s many varieties of light bulbs. The business offers CFL, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED and many more bulbs.

Rattling off the long list of battery and bulb options available at the new Batteries Plus Bulbs store in Clovis sounds a little like the famous shrimp scene in “Forrest Gump.”

“We do car batteries, cell phone batteries, batteries for cordless phones, rechargeable batteries you use in daily life, button cell and flashlight batteries,” began Polly Deng, owner of the store that opened in January at 95 W. Shaw Ave.

“We have laptop batteries, batteries and chargers for golf carts and trucks,” she continued. “These SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries are used in a lot of different places like home security alarm systems, emergency lights, Power Wheels, wheelchairs, scooters and computer backup systems.That’s our best selling category right now because other stores don’t have that selection.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs will also help customers replace hearing aid and watch batteries, and offers a lifetime warranty on cell phone batteries.

Deng sums it up:

“We sell all types of batteries you can think of, and all types of light bulbs as well.”

The company used to be called Batteries Plus, but added bulbs to its inventory (and the word Bulbs to its name) in 2012.

“We carry all types of special and weird light bulbs and we always help our customers to look up special ones like for stage lights and projectors,”Deng said. “We don’t carry those in store but we can get them.”

Deng said LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are top-sellers.

“It’s the trend,” she said. “Customers come in with their light bulbs and they want an LED version of it.”

If a customer comes in with a special type of light bulb or battery that isn’t in stock, Deng and her team can look it up in an online cross-reference system and find a product to replace it with, she said. Those items can be shipped to the store, and sometimes can be shipped to the customer directly.

Deng said a lot of customers have expressed that they are glad a Batteries Plus Bulbs finally opened in Clovis; they had been traveling across town to the Fresno location for 10 years.

She owns the franchise with her husband, Leon Cai; the couple has lived in Clovis for about six years.

The couple and their small team of employees do more than just sell batteries and bulbs. They offer screen repairs for many phones and iPads. They can test any battery to see if it’s still good. They even build new battery packs to sit inside existing battery cases.

“We use a welder and we make the tab connection exactly like the old one, copy it and make a new drill pack for them,” Deng said.

The store also offers free installation of car batteries on most vehicles.

“It’s pretty fast; we install it outside or we have a roll-up garage door in the back that we can pull the car in if it’s raining or too hot outside,” Deng said.

Employees use a machine to test the vehicle’s battery and electrical system.

“It will let us know if it is the battery that’s the problem, or the alternator or the something wrong in the electrical system. So when the customer comes in and says my car is acting a little bit weird, we don’t just sell them a battery. The first thing we do it get this machine and tell them what is wrong with their car,” Deng said. “We sell the customer what they really need.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs recycles the old batteries and encourages customers to bring in any rechargeable batteries to be recycled.

“A rechargeable battery is definitely harmful to the environment because of the chemicals in it,” she said. “Everyone needs to recycle rechargeable batteries.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs, on Shaw between Villa and Minnewawa avenues, is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.