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Boris Elementary selects mascot, colors

Clovis Unified’s newest school, Virginia Boris Elementary, now has a mascot.

The Charger, represented by a charging bull, was recommended by the school’s principal, Erin Gage, after brainstorming with students, school employees and parents in the Clovis East Area for the last month and a half.

At the district’s board meeting Oct. 28, the board accepted the mascot recommendation, along with approving the school’s colors: royal blue, silver and black.

The mascot was chosen to honor the region’s agricultural past and commitment to the future, Gage said.

“Bulls are the iconic symbol of strength, are bold, and like to charge ahead,” she said.

The colors were selected because blue is the color of trust and responsibility; black is the color of power and strength; and silver illuminates the way forward, is modern and high tech, officials said.

“At Boris Elementary School we will strive to develop the positive character traits associated with our colors — trust, responsibility, inner strength and respect,” Gage said.